WEBSITE: Watch Free Classic Christian Films Online


As it’s name suggests, Classic Cinema Online streams free classic films. The site’s wide selection covers all popular genres – action, adventure, animated, biographic, sci-fi, suspense, spaghetti western, etc. To my pleasant surprise, Classic Cinema Online also includes a collection of religious films.

At the moment, only four religious films are available and they are the following:
1. The Pilgrimage Play (1949)
2. I beheld His Glory (1953)
3. The Power of the Resurrection (1958)
4. Joseph and His Brethren (1960)

I am sure these films are of particular interest not only to those who love classic films but also to all avid collectors of religious movies. I hope Classic Cinema Online will add more classic Christian motion pictures such as “The Passion Play of Oberammergau” (1898) and “From the Manger to the Cross” (1912) because I haven’t seen them yet.

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