Priests Who Tweet

Following priests on Twitter can be a stimulating experience. While their main goal is to spread God’s Word, they also tweet about their everyday experiences, their opinion on issues that affect all of us, and about other things that engage and excite their attention and curiosity.

There are those who tweet their prayers. Others talk about the liturgy. There are also those who provide the latest updates from their Church and from their mission areas. Some of them even have tens of thousands of followers. The active presence of priests on Twitter is another proof that clergymen would really use all possible means to fulfil their mission to make disciples of all nations.

This list below is not a complete list of all priests who tweet, but by following any one of them you will be able to connect to many more clerics on Twitter.

Name: Rev. Bosco Peters
Location: New Zealand
Bio: Hi I’m a priest enthusiastic about healthy spirituality and worship that connects. Find more than 160 character thoughts at my website
Name: Roderick Vonhögen
Location: iPhone: -33.873695,151.223495
Bio: Dutch Catholic priest, CEO of the Star Quest Production Network (; host of the Daily Breakfast podcast; XBL Gamer Tag ‘Fr Roderick’.
Name: Fr. Wade Fahnestock
Location: Hyatt Place-Lakeland Center
Bio: Old Catholic Priest on mission, musician, pastor, social networker, marketing consultant
Name: Fr. Jonathan Morris
Location: New York
Bio: Fox News Analyst, Author, Catholic Priest
Name: FatherBob
Location: South Melbourne, Australia
Bio: Founder of the Fr. Bob Maguire Foundation, Open Family, Emerald Hill Mission. Parish priest of Sts Peter and Pauls South Melbourne. Cranky old man
Name: Fr. George Mabura
Location: California
Bio: I am Roman Catholic priest. Faithful to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
Name: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
Location: iPhone: 51.512024,-0.117571
Bio: Catholic Priest, Blogger, Columnist –
Name: Fr. Jay Finelli
Location: Rhode Island
Bio: Roman Catholic Priest from the Diocese of Providence, Podcaster, Webmaster, Mac Geek, Live Steam enthusiast.
Name: Father Stefan
Location: Fairfax, VA
Bio: Father Stefan Starzynski is widely known as The Healing Priest. He conducts a Charismatic Mass on the 2nd Sat at St Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, VA
Name: Fr. Chris Decker
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Bio: a priest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a disciple of the New Evangelization.