Podcast: Being Pinoy In Italy

Habemus Podcast! 

This very first edition of my podcast features The Europinoy Perspective, a weekly 15-minute  conversation with Filipino migrants about their life here in Europe. This audio series is also broadcast in the Vatican Radio program for Filipinos in Europe. 

The topic for this podcast focuses on the everyday life of pinoys in Italy – their struggles as well as their joys. My guest is Analisa Bueno Magsino, a 36-year-old mother of two. Like most pinays, Analisa worked for many years as a domestic helper in the Eternal City before becoming a consultant, cultural mediator and editor-in-chief of a Filipino newspaper in Italy.

Also with me in this podcast is Remy Bayoneto. You might remember Remy as the beautiful Filipina who read one of the Prayers of the Faithful during the funeral mass for Pope John Paul II.

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Europinoy Perspective (download MP3 14.6Mb)

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