When Jesus commanded his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, he did not restrict them to one medium of evangelization. The first apostles preached in public places or dialogued with individual persons in their private homes. Many missionaries still do that today, but hey it’s the 21st century and video-sharing is the coolest way to communicate now. And I think it is probably one of the best ways to spread the Good News nowadays.

Modern-day disciples must check out GodTube. It is designed to be an open place where people can evangelize and be evangelized, inspire and be inspired, enlighten and be enlightened. A YouTube-like videosharing website, GodTube allows users to watch, upload and download sermons, personal testimonies, prayer, bible readings, inspiration talks, music videos, short films, home movies, and other faith-based videoclips. All for free.

GodTube’s purpose is “to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.” All I can think of now are its potentials. Think of how this website can help pastors and missionaries reach out to their friends, to other pastors and missionaries, and to new believers on a global scale. Think of how the youth and other church-based organizations can make use of this in their ministry. Think of how non-Christians are given the chance to explore the Christian faith through the videoclips, video chats, and video emails.

Technology is transforming the way God’s Word is spread. GodTube is similar to other tech-based approaches to pastoral ministry which allow people to preach or listen to the Good News even when they’re not in church or in religious gatherings. I hold out hope that GodTube and other tech-based endeavors may be able to face the real challenge of modern-day missionaries and high-tech ministry – to find ways to creatively evangelize people in ways that are meaningful for them.