About Fr. Stephen, MSC

Fr. Stephen Cuyos is an MSC (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart) priest, who blogs about his faith and ministry, about the use of new technologies and social media for evangelization, as well as his advocacy for Linux and Free/Open Source Software. He finished a master’s degree in Social Communications at the Universit√† Pontificia Salesiana in Rome, Italy.

Fr. Stephen is available for talks, seminars, recollections, retreats and workshops. Click here for more info.

The Church needs to find ways to creatively evangelize people in ways that are meaningful for them. The purpose of this blog is to explore how new technologies, Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) and the social media can be optimized for evangelization.

I consider blogging as one of today’s most effective tools in sharing personal reflections and in proclaiming God’s liberating message of joy, peace and love online. I blog about anything that interests me, but concentrating largely on life, faith, Linux, FOSS, and social media.

This blog also looks into how the Church can benefit from Linux and Free/Open Source Software. The Eleutheros Manifesto expresses clearly my convictions on this matter – “We are convinced that there are strong ideal affinities between Christianity, the philosophy of Free Software and the adoption of Open Formats and Protocols. We believe it is evident that the usage of such instruments is much more in line with Catholic Doctrine than fully closed, non Free solutions.”

The initials M.S.C. come from the Latin: Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart). The MSC is an international community of religious men of the Catholic Church who work to deepen the appreciation of God’s love. Some minister in parishes, schools, hospitals, prisons, indigenous communities, and in special apostolic activities that lead people to healing and liberation. Others proclaim the compassion of God as revealed in the Heart of Christ by going to missions overseas. MSC are active in over 50 countries, most of them in the Third World. I became a perpetually professed MSC in June 1997 and was ordained priest in November 1998.

I began blogging in late January 2005. However you will see here posts dating back to 2001. Those entries came from my previous webpage hosted by Geocities. Twas the time when an online journal was not yet called blogging.

I began podcasting on 26 April 2005. I think I am historically the first ever Filipino priest podcaster.

2011 – PeaceBook
2010 – Peace Trip
2009 – Peace Camp
2009 – Diocese of San Jose
2008 – God’s Heart on Earth
2006 – Dear Peace (Winner of the SIGNIS-WACC Human Rights Award 2009)
2004 – In Other People’s Homes: The Life of Filipino Migrant Workers in Italy