You have two choices. To look at life as an abundance of limitless blessings or to see it as a never ending series of problems. Call me a helpless optimist, but I seem to always see the positive side of things. It is my faith in a compassionate Father that helps me appreciate life as a precious gift. Be it a gloomy or a bright day, an unforgettable or an uneventful night, I try to always maintain an attitude of gratitude. Sometimes I get so busy counting blessings that I forget all my troubles.

Here is my attempt to list one amazing blessing for each of the 365 days of the year.

#50 – When a teacher asks you a question and you know the right answer.
#49 – Making new friends offline.
#48 – The readiness to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.
#47 – Telling your friends why you love them.
#46 – Appreciating each day as a treasure box of gifts from God.
#45 – Each one of us having an opportunity to change the world.
#44 – Family and friends who know everything about us yet still love us unconditionally.
#43 – Your best friend singing you your favorite song.
#42 – Not letting a day go by without finding something to rejoice over.
#41 – A friend who knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths.
#40 – People who tell you they are praying for you.
#39 – The chance to start over and make things right.
#38 – Truly cherishing this day, knowing that this could be the last of day my life.
#37 – Being right next to the one you love.
#36 – God adding one more day in your life – not because you need it, but because someone else needs you.
#35 – The courage to say YES when asked to do something good.
#34 – The courage to say NO when asked to do something unjust.
#33 – Having a father who is caring, thoughtful and faithful.
#32 – A simple solution to a complicated problem.
#31 – The patience and the desire to keep learning and growing.
#30 – A classroom seatmate who would become a best friend for life.
#29 – Forging new friendships on the first day of school.
#28 – The courage to embrace one’s passion and to enjoy life intensely.
#27 – Being able to play the guitar and sing songs from the heart.
#26 – Being in love.
#25 – Eat a lot. Sleep long. Laugh even without reason.
#24 – Parents and children praying together at the family altar.
#23 – Rain after the long drought.
#22 – A friend who knows what you need and helps you find the best way to get it.
#21 – When friends call you for no other reason but to make you smile.
#20 – A good body massage at the end of a long and tiring week.
#19 – A cup of coffee mixed for you by a colleague when you couldn’t get up from your work at the computer.
#18 – The smile of a child who’s just stopped crying because of you.
#17 – Working with people who are on time, considerate, don’t gossip and give credit where credit is due.
#16 – Sitting in the shade on a super hot day.
#15 – Being able to comfort friends who have lost a loved one.
#14 – Friends who listen with their heart and comfort you when you’re down.
#13 – Celebrating Mass in a small barrio chapel.
#12 – Having a collection of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” in 7 different languages.
#11 – Being able to sleep early and peacefully.
#10 – Waking up in the morning to a beautiful sunny day.
#09 – Eating fresh yellow mangoes.
#08 – Coming home from work without traffic.
#07 – Sharing a slice of dark chocolate cake with someone who sincerely appreciates it.
#06 – Finishing an important work.
#05 – Watching the moon align with Venus and forming the “smiley face” effect.
#04 – Receiving an “I Love You” message from parents.
#03 – Sitting on my father’s lap when I was a kid.
#02 – Eating home-cooked meals.
#01 – Laughing with friends.