5 Christian Alternatives to FaceBook

Having more than 300 million active users and counting, Facebook is no doubt the most popular and fastest growing social network in the planet right now. But Facebook is NOT the only social network out there. Nor even the best.

If you want to be in a faith-based social network, you might want to take a look at these Christian alternatives to Facebook.


This is my personal favorite. The administrators of XT3 claim that this social network is “so good even the Pope uses it”. Aside from the usual profile pages, XT3 includes unique features such as prayer walls, diocesan homepages, events and projects. There are even priests who make themselves available online to answer all those who are curious about the Catholic faith.


The main goal of 4marks is to build Catholic communities online as well as to provide valuable resources to help people to deepen their faith. It offers weekly trivia, daily lessons, information on the Saints and other interactive content. This social network only allows content that are “worthy of praise” and thus all reviews articles, events, videos, and other member-submitted content are reviewed before they appear online.


Faithout calls it social fellowshipping instead of the oft-used social networking. The fellowships created in Faithout are based around a company, region, church, ministry or school. In Faithout, users are invited to join the fellowships that reflect their real-life communities to learn more about the people who work, live, study or worship around them.


The purpose of FaithFreaks is to glorify God by providing an alternative social network that is safe, clean, friendly, and Christ-centered. FaithFreaks also aims to help its users build upon their faith and beliefs by providing resources to help them focus and grow in their Christian walk.


The special features of Myfaithhaven include free access to a good number of Christian music, Christian books, Christian church groups and Christian Lyrics pages.