Exterior Security Systems Compared To Interior Home Security Systems

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September 25, 2017
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Exterior Security Systems Compared To Interior Home Security Systems

There are an incredible number of ways a person can increase the security of their home. Alarm systems, dogs, surveillance cameras, security gates, and a wide array of other options are available for homeowners to take advantage of. Some of these home security items can be used to secure the exterior of your home and some can be used to secure the interior of your home. Sadly, its not always possible for everyday homeowners to take advantage of all the security tools available.
In this article Ill talk about each of these types of security options so that you can choose which kind to use for your home. We wont get into specific things like recommended DIY alarm systems , but we will talk about alarms and other items in general.

Outside Security

When most people think about home security, they think of alarms and cameras. Nevertheless, youll find that these are not the only options for you to take advantage of. One of the first security measures that many people come into contact with is the security gate. Security gates are fantastic for big properties since they can stop folks from even seeing the property owners home. Also, you can outfit an intercom and a camera to your gate.

Once you have your security gate in place, outdoor security will mainly consist of surveillance cameras and zone alarms. The wonderful thing about having these two items is that you can see folks before they even get to your house. This means that youll be able to call the police before the intruders are at your door. The drawback to these security items is that they usually cant be remotely monitored and you are much more likely to have a false alarm. Animals, kids playing tag, and lost travelers can all wind up in your front yard, but that doesnt mean they are a threat.

The last kind of outside security youll commonly find is the guard dog. Regrettably, outdoor dogs tend to be a legal liability rather than a form of good security. This is because outdoor dogs are either very friendly or very hostile. They usually arent as familiar with the family either, so they could be a danger to you. In addition to this, it would be easy to poison a dog from outside of the fence. The intruders could then hop the fence after the dog has died.

Interior Security

The first item youll usually buy for your indoor security is the security alarm. These can be monitored like the systems youll find at popular alarms , or they could be unmonitored. The great thing about these systems are that you wont get too many false alarms and you can control them much easier than you can the outdoor kind.

In addition to this, you could also add a dog to the inside of your home. This dog can be a pet as well as a guard dog. Hell be a big part of the family and youll have him by your side if you need him.

As you can see, outdoor security is good, but it comes second to indoor security. Start with the inside and work your way out as your income grows.

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